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Keep the fire going
Saturday, 30.09.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
What Josephine Saw
+ The Fool's Truth
According to their website if you want to know what this band’s all about you should do so standing on your head.

Or read upside down and backward if that’s your thing. Listening to this classic indie-alt-pop guitar band from Zurich you’ll soon realize though that certain rock conventions aren’t what’s turned z’underobsi here. Rather, the collective output is a nice pleasant, often spherical sound interspersed with raw passages and driven by the high-decibel energy of the three guitars and the carpet bombing of the drums. Being that there’s no lead vocal, all four voices on their new album «Set A Fire» democratically come from all four artists. The disc was produced by Ireland’s finest, David Odlum who also worked with The Frames, Glen Hansard and dEUS and was recorded low-cal at the way out of the way Black Box Studios in the Bretagne. Sans computers or added effects or doodling.

They’ve got two albums on the books. The debut was self-titled and the mentioned 2016 latest is «Set A Fire» for which they picked our indie stage which took part in the Lauter Festival to kick-off their promotional tour. And got a turbulent night for it... Coming full circle, the group returns to our spot tonight and they’re shooting for a similar eclat. You might want to be there when history could repeat itself. The members of the band will be Dimitri Käch on guitar and vocals, Max Kämmerling on guitar and vocals as well, Giuliano Sulzberger on bass and vocals and Jannik Till on drums and vocals.

«There Is More» is the featured single on their new album. Ok guys, something to look forward to if you keep the fire going.  

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