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A long-awaited encore
Sunday, 15.10.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Fred Woods
Alternative electronic folk-pop-rock-synth that gives beauty a new name. Listen to his soaring composition «Nightingale» from his second album the 2017 «The Kindness» and you’ll agree with all your heart and ear.

Or accuse us of an understatement. The singer-songwriter Fred Woods comes in direct from bi-lingual Montreal, a charming and bustling metropole and what’s more, a city with a multi-cultural fabric that allows him to draw from a more diverse artistic pool than most. It’s a cultural cornucopia and it evidently influences his songwriting in as much that his songs are at home effortlessly in both French and English. And multi-instrumental is expressed with the acoustic guitar, a Fender Rhodes electric, synths and not least, his voice. A voice that’s emphatic, often intense and together with the fleet fingered symphonic instrumentalisations of his compositions relies on free spirited live-only improvisations. Which threatened to raise the roof during his legendary shows with their pinkfloydish feel and power. We sure came real close to that when he was here at the 7th 2015 Lauter Festival. Touring, he’s shared the stage with Andy Shauf, Jesse Mac Cormack, Emilie & Ogden and Sophie Jamieson.

There’s nothing like a good first impression that lingers in the mind. His sensational debut here got him the long-awaited encore his fans have been waiting for. Tonight belongs to Fred Woods and his music. Real beauty that’s in the heart of the beholder.  

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