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Not quite exactly like anything before
Saturday, 28.10.2017, 20:20
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The Dream Syndicate
Back in the 80’s they may not have been LA’s most well known band. But they were one of the most accomplished and influential as time would tell. And keeps telling.

The classic guitar bands biggest album was their touchstone debut, the seminal «The Days of Wine and Roses». (No, Jack Lemmon wasn’t part of the band). Led by Steve Wynn, the band became an integral part of the Paisley Underground movement which also membered The Rain Parade, the Bangles, the Long Ryders and the Three O’Clock. On what Elvis meant to him and his early influences Steve Wynn had this to say in a recent LA Times interview: «I was into bands like Roxy Music and The Stooges… It’s funny, I had no real connection to the Greatful Dead when I was younger. Same with the Allman Brothers. But now I do. And I realize, these guys are in some way a jazz band. I would say, The Dream Syndicate back then, and now as well, are kind of like a jazz band».

After reformation in 2012 with Steve Wynn again fronting his illustrious group, they released their first album in 30 years, the brand-new Sept. 8, 2017 opus «How Did I Find Myself Here». Steve: «In a way it feels like if ‘The Days Of Wine and Roses’ would have been made in 2017. Which is to say that it’s true to what we did before but it’s a whole new thing. There’s no doubt it’s a Dream Syndicate record and yet it’s not quite exactly like anything before.» What’s there is they still enjoy playing long songs with blistering, distorted guitar excursion going for gung-ho, acidic, in-the-moment, gloriously wild neo-psychedelia rock’n’roll. Take the song «Glide» as a fine example.

On the new album, the original and reformed band personnel appearing is Steve Wynn, Kendra Smith, Mark Walton, Dennis Duck, Jason Victor and Chris Cacavas. Tonight on our in-the-moment locale, it’d be extremely foolish if you have to ask yourself «How did I find myself not being here!?»

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