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el Lokal on the Mississihl. Where Kraut Americana grew up.
Sunday, 22.10.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
+ Staring Girl
Add another facet to the amalgam of distinct roots-musical styles of folk, country, bluegrass, blues and rhythm and blues and rock’n’roll that’s commonly known as Americana: The German language.

If you remember Kraut Rock you could call these two fine band’s style Kraut Americana. Check out two of its main protagonists and their interesting hybrid of song making without breaking your tongue but by refreshing to your mind.

Schöftland, a duo from Bern is up first and is led by the singer, guitarist, wordsmith and fine arts adventurer, Floh von Grünigen. The band with its appealing style presents off-beat songwriting in «High» German and has for years successfully ventured into Germany as far north as Hamburg. Their material is underscored by beautifully melodic, nice and easy tunes but the poetic songwriting often touches down into melancholia and the shadows of human existence. Up North, they fatefully crossed paths and often collaborated with tonight’s second band, Staring Girl from Hamburg. An introduction that was facilitated by the most influential artist of the genre, singer-songwriter Gisbert von Knyphausen (full name Gisbert Wilhelm Enno Freiherr zu Innhausen and Knyphausen, jawohl)

While Schöftland’s been heading north, Staring Girl, led by singer and guitarist Stefan Nibbe is heading into the southern territory on the Mississihl. The band’s identity revolves around their spare und unsentimental songwriting which is flying on a carpet of a quietly acoustic and filigran instrumentalized Americana. Dry and unsparing observations, like «Türgriff Abgebrochen» (Broken Doorhandle), of everyday moments and occurrences dominate in their debut album «Sieben Stunden Und 40 Minuten» on which refers to - you might have guessed it – sleep. Though plain spoken and totally lacking any kind of sentimentality, there’s still an euphoric melancholic quality that transpires in their array of songs in German. 

el Lokal