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smoking hot
Tuesday, 01.08.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
G. Rag y los
Hermanos Patchekos
To sufficiently wet your whistle on this holy day in Swiss history before the show of shows (and after of course), may we invite you to visit our legendary outdoor seating space? It has no rivals in Zurich for its swift and tireless service and grand vista onto the gurgling Mississihl.

The by now legendary space was imagined and lovingly implemented by our mayordomo, Herr Martin. 

On to the show, holy moly guacamole, straight from Munich, Bavaria it’s once again the honkin’ tonkin’ 11-headed G. Rag y Los Hermanos Patschekos. Be prepared for and inhale their latest creation, the smoking hot trash folkrock humdinger «Wacky Tobacky» which took four years in the making and, you’ll wholeheartedly agree, was definitely worth the wait. Anything and everything goes with the brothers. Up-tempo techno, earthy polka, tear jerking blues, heart wrenching texmex trumpet solos that lead into the adventurous coupling of flamenco and tango. Even some wiseass Tom Waits type of storytelling made it into their oeuvre. The rising popularity of that mescal from Oaxaca, Mexico gifted to mankind by the wild (not farmed, very important) agave cactus may have also played an enlightening role in infusing their art (and behavior).

What’s in a name? Everything. Here are the current brother’s: Bandleader Andreas Staebler alias Stuebner (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Mikel Jack alias Mr. Zelig (drums), Wastl Bischoff alias Joey Saufenfucker (contra bass), Joerg Witzigmann alias Jose The Black Rider (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Daniel «Ernie» Kappla alias DJ Ernesto (vocals, guitar), Alois Schmelz alias Die Sau (trumpet), Mathias Thar alias Hoss (trumpet), Thomas Kretschmer alias TOMtrOEtE (trumpet), Philip Gross alias il grande phipo (accordion), Christoph «Stoffel» Nowosad alias Senor de la Nowosad and if all of this was a bit painful, Sascha Schwegler alias El Doctore on percussion.

Barnum & Bailey forever closed its doors, The Rock Horror Picture Show is getting stale. But the incomparable G.Rag y Los Hermanos Patschekos are still smoking hot with «Wacky Tobacky».   

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