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The Dirty Old One Man Band.
Monday, 19.06.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Scott H Biram
Of all the highlights of this month’s lineup he’s the sparkler.

A true Texan, Scott was born in Lockhart and grew up in Prairie Lea. Having the same birthday as Muddy Waters can be a load to carry and his middle name of Hiram didn’t make things any easier either. (When asked what the «H.» stands for he explains «Fuck you!»). He grew up on Doc Watson, Leadbelly and Lightnin’ Hopkins but won’t get nailed down to any of it since he’s expanded his musical horizon considerably. Let’s hope the planets are aligned tonight for this dark star of the blues, bluegrass, punk and country and, yes, gospel music. 

Scott H.’s the quintessential One Man Show (another one, Bob Log III, is a good friend), he records on his own label, Knuckle Sandwich and lets you have it with a fine variety of instruments like virtuoso guitar, harmonica, keyboards, percussion and if he’s in the mood, a homemade washboard besides his throaty shouter voice. Witty lyrics too. Since 1986 he’s been incessantly touring the world on that road that seemingly never ends. A notable interruption happened when in 2003 he collided head on with a big rig semi-truck and the encounter resulted in metal pins, screws and rods placed in almost every bone in his body. (It’s a surprise he still makes it on a plane these days). One month later he was back on stage in a wheelchair and an IV dangling and sang about it. It’s not known if the truck survived.

The wild man’s style and music got him invited to heat things up on stage for Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Slash, Toto, The Darkness, Tokken, Robert Plant, Foo Fighters, Black Keys, John Fogerty, The Black Crowes, Snoop Dog, King Diamond, Jello Biafra, Sonics and Dinosaur Jr. - all by himself. Of his motivation for it all he says «I kind of pride myself in being able to release my emotions freely and not hold back. So many people these days have timid little weak voices like they’re scared to belt it out» and «I need to pay bills».

Scott Hiram Biram’s an American original. And one prairie dog that barks and  bites.   

el Lokal