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A force of nature
Saturday, 29.04.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Patricia Vonne
By embracing ethnic diversity, rock n roll which was born in the South of the United States infused itself with fresh new energy to keep the art alive. And Rocking.

Patricia Vonne on her spanky new album «Viva Bandolero»: «This album is special to me because I wanted it to capture my Latina heritage on one disk. It’s a big part of my identity and I feel I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. With this album I feel I’ve come full circle as an artist.»
Blessed with a charismatic ripe presence, this Southern belle grew up in a multi-cultural family in San Antonio, Texas which makes her a 100% Tejana. She left for New York for a decade, gigging and performing but returned to her roots. Hot-blooded and playful, she’s a force of nature in command of the stage, with deep greenblue pools of eyes you want to dive into, a white flash of a smile, wild dark mane and a fine set of… castanets, she’s una mami muy sabrosa.

Getting carried away there por un momentico, there’s great music here as well because Patricia is her music. Melodic, temperamental and dramatic, call it hard-driving borderline-tex-mex fireball-rockabilly. Our good friend Alejandro Escovedo thinks «She’s such a passionate artist and person and all that seeps through the grooves of her new record. It’s her best yet.» She got it all together by opening up and inhaling what’s been filling the airwaves of that cultural melting pot of San Antonio - country, rock, pop, conjunto, jazz and tejano. And she grew as an artist by collaborating and learning from folks like Alejandro Escovedo, Charlie Sexton, Rosie Flores, Flaco Jimenez, Joe Ely and Doyle Bramhall. As an actress Patricia stole every scene she was in in movies directed by her brother Roberto Rodriguez. You may know him, he did «Once Upon A Time In Mexico» and other hugely popular cult vampire-slasher-sci-fi Westerns. 

Bandoleros and bandoleras, you’ve found the gipsy woman that’s going to make you settle down, if sadly only for one night. Patricia Vonne and band from San Antonio, Texas, via Sexico.    

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