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Saturday, 25.03.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Jaakko Laitinen
& Väärä Raha
+ Suomi Disko
If life lately has felt like being trapped inside a never ending Black Sabbath song, here’s the way out.

It’s breaking-the-crib time, it’s boogie time, it’s busting a groove and shaking-all-over time, gals and fellas. Five fairly maniacal Finns from Lapland and several guests and their tools are taking command of our frequently overloaded stage and will give it a raucous go via vocals, trumpet, bouzouki, accordion, double bass and drums for a sound you’re not going to be able to shake off any time soon. Hot Lapland-Balkan mixers, the joy and sorrow of Roma grooves, melodious Russian tearjerkers and slouching sexy Finnish tangoes are all in hot copulation with dance hall hip and nostalgic highflyers. Getting your undivided attention, pulling your heartstrings, intoxicating your mind and making your limbs fly off in all directions. Actually, their act makes you wonder what reindeer milk blended with Slivovitz could do for all of us.

Embracing you with Nordic charm and not too little showmanship is their well-groomed Bobby Darin-style lounge crooner and band leader Jaakko Laitinen. He and his compatriot band members are brilliantly complemented for this tour by the Danish-Macedonian Bjonko on clarinet, the Berliner Morgan Nikolaj on balalaika, Matti Pitkaenen on violin and the percussionist Tuomas Tinken. Their fourth and latest album is «Naennainen» like in «Appearing to be but not necessarily so», joo (yep). And for you who’s looking for a deeper meaning in all of this, good luck but the band is also is responsible for the score of the film «Kihnioe» directed by well-known Saija Maeki-Nevala and Jaakko Laitinen contributed his song writing to the Bavarian hell raisers Djangoo 3000 and penned their chart climber and eventual big hit «Bonaparty».

C’mon Ozzie, chill. Stop eating bats and save yourself a load of wasted therapy money. Shake your ass and the mind will follow.
el Lokal