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100% American roots rock and California noir
Saturday, 25.02.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Chuck Prophet
& The Mission Express
+ Max Gomez
«Dudes. What. Is. Up?» On his website, Chuck’s referring to the general state of affairs and the election of the Orange Baboon sitting on his gold toilet seat ready to poop all over the globe. Sorry, folks, it’s not the 1% anymore, the .001% is on.

Chuck Prophet’s 100% American roots rock and California noir is on tap tonight. Featuring his unique rhythmic and virtuoso guitar backed-up by his juggernaut of a band, The Mission Express. It’s great to hear Chuck’s voice and thoughtful lyrics afresh. Way back he recorded when he was in high school and the prolific singer-songwriter to be was still a teenager when he joined the riotous and influential cowpunk Green on Red formed in Tucson in 1984. The group disbanded in 1992 and since then it’s been Chuck Prophet’s own journey that still includes incessant touring, with success especially in the UK and Europe. The 2002 album «No Other Love» was finally his breakthrough stateside mainly because of the hit single «Summertime Thing» and the endorsement of Lucinda Williams who asked him to open for her on her tour. Before that and of note also is his intermezzo as a staff writer for a music publishing company in Nashville.

His brand-new album is the concept California noir «Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins» themed around the mysterious death of the 60’s rocker who came to fame with «I Fought The Law (And The Law Won).» Chuck’s leading his crew like the guitar ace he his and the voice to match, his wife Stephanie Finch is on vocals, keyboards and guitar - their duets are something to hear – plus it’s James DePrato on guitar, Kevin T. White on bass and Vicente Rodriguez on drums. Incidentally, the band’s named after the bus line that goes through the neighborhood in San Francisco where Chuck and Stephanie live.

What a sad show 2016 was also in respect to the artists we lost, David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and Sharon Jones. Chuck’s dedicated the song «Bad Year For Rock and Roll» to them (The Thin White Duke took a final bow / There’s one more star in the heavens now). Thanks Chuck. David Bowie, we’ll miss your artistry. And your class.

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