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Alone together.
Sunday, 12.02.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Long Tall Jefferson
Tonight’s double bill is unusual because it showcases each musician first on their own with their own compositions and then pairs them together with their own composition being performed alternatively by the other artist. Huh?

Josh in its various formations is led by the local singer-songwriter Janine who’ll perform tonight in a rare solo appearance to start things off. Making the rounds on stages both large and small,  her art examines and portrays the complexities that are part of any truth. She honestly communicates her definition of what constitutes luck and well-being in her life. There’s a belief in the simplicity hidden in all things, modern materialism is rejected and regarding her career, D.I.Y. is the state of mind she ultimately trusts. Unpolished and unconventional she forcefully explains her world. Janine’s a sight to see and an artist to follow.  

Zigzagging between Berlin, Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Zurich it’s Long Tall Jefferson’s musical style that’s pretty much nailed down. It’s storytelling at its best involving subjects and personal experiences collected during his perpetual motion and burnt forever into his subconscious. A fine if restrained guitarist he was a member of the notorious Pablo Nouvelle band and after going solo and hitting the road and trains of Europe he went from Simon Borer from Lucerne to Long Tall Jefferson of the world. What remains a constant are his intense soul searching eyes, an indication of the musical excursions to come. Swiss TV appearances and legendary live shows from Lucerne to Leipzig, with a stop at the Willisau Jazz Festival, tell more about his life and so does «I Want My Baby Back», his self-produced first LP, released by the label Red Brick Chapel of which he was a co-founder.

Alone together. Two uniquely individual artists are giving it a shot. Stick around and you might be surprised what shakes out. You could well be witnessing the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Play it again, Janine and Simon. 

el Lokal