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Madhouse dance music
Sunday, 18.12.2016, 18:18
oh what a night...
Max Lässer, Andrea Caprez
& Das Überland Orchester
Please read this preview. It’ll take you less time than eating a plate of Röschti.

On our pre-x-mas menu tonight we offer somewhat more exotic fare, like this eclectic musical dish nourished by tradition. Leader of the orchestra and genius guitarist Max calls it «Schweizer Alpenmusik» and it’s based on a dance indigenous to Switzerland and other Alpine nations, the infectious «Ländler». In unique interpretations though you’ll hear elements of polka, waltz and tango, jazz and blues and folk and rock. The still very popular dance on account of Max’s transformative ideas and great instrumental skill has added a new dimension simply by embracing the world. In the old days this stormy couple dance included temperamental hopping and stomping especially by the male partner and his hobnail boots. But its innate sophistication, complexity and vigor also led to inclusions in the compositions of Beethoven, Schubert and Bruckner.

Tonight’s visit by the Überland Orchester also features the heartbreaking voice of the legendary Jellifish singer Andrea Caprez. And the orchestra under the leadership of Max Lässer represents the culmination of his career spanning over five decades which began in the early 70’s and which included touring with Andreas Vollenweider and collaborating with Stephan Eicher and other Swiss wellknowns. Another huge imprint on his rhythmic development came by performing with musicians from the dark continent like the female vocalists Busi Mhlongo and Madala Kunene and the multi-instrumentalist Pops Mohamed from South Africa. Way ahead of the times, he led and performed live with these artists and dubbed the fertile project «No Nation».

Impossible to predict what’ll happen once you let this madhouse dance music get to you. Here’s what The Overland Gazette had to say: Dia hauet’er de Nuggi zum Muul uuse (They’ll knock the pacifier right out of your mouth).
el Lokal