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Saturday, 19.11.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Nadja Zela
She’s been around longer than the Streetparade.

«Immaterial World» is her latest album and it invites the conviction that her songwriting and her music have always appealed to the brain. But not neglecting other bodily regions by way of some pretty nasty blues and rock, soul, delta as well as tapping into the wealth of black music. And by way of a voice you can believe in. What comes out of her pipes is both wise and biting moonshine raw. She tackles the blues a la Bessie Smith and then through the journey finds her own path and miraculously turns the genre into hers. Nadja’s stage presence is mesmerizing in its theatrical flair, ripe visual beauty seems like an instrument added to the package to make it whole and it’s an instrument she plays with abandon.

The new album was produced by Robin Girod of Mama Rosin in a farmhouse in Gatillon in the country side in France and it sumptuously revives her love affair with black music. The disc also features some thrilling songwriting that’s hitting you with her best shot with titles and lyrics that’ll make you beg for more. Totally freaky in their greatness are the solos by her lead guitar, Nico Feer.

«My mission is to bring warmth to where the cold rules». Nadja said it and you’ll feel it.  

Without waging jihad on the institutions and their pretty fat pockets that dole out taxpayer’s money to mainly a few artists, it’s their selection process that could maybe take some examination.

Are these people doing their homework, hit the streets and go places? Like taking a look at where talent is first noticed in its embryonic stages? Where do they think the next Nadia Zela is coming from? But let’s face it: It isn’t just money that an artist needs to help in the struggle to lead a creative life. It’s recognition and applause just the same. Because that’s love, coming from you. Be there to give it.
el Lokal