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Monday, 21.11.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Düde Dürst –
Back To The Groove
Pretty amazing that tiny Switzerland has been such a hotbed for fine drummers in the connecting genres of jazz and rock. Birthing names like Pierre Favre, Thomas Wydler, Charlie Antolini, Fredy Studer, Daniel Humair and Duede Duerst.

In the Sixties, The Dude was one of the founders of the progressive rock band Krokodil and a member of Les Sauterelles, the then two biggest names on the Zuerich scene. He also played with Klaus Doldinger, Wibelfetzer, «Mad Max» Laesser and «Mad Dodo» Dodo Hug. And so it’s  gratifying to listen to Krokodil’s double vinyl LP  «Swamp», which was re-issued this year. It’s like a document in time, especially if you like drowning in nostalgia. But seriously, one thing that might strike you is how the album makes it obvious that next to nothing’s changed in the biz since then. Despite increased production values, over-the-top stage shows and the digital revolution. Look at the Rolling Stones, they’ve had it after «Exile on Main Street», keeping at it, yes, but now propelled by not much more than hype. Rap has long ago replaced rock as the music off the street and of protest. Punk was the last hurrah.

So it’s even more gratifying what The Dude has put together for his show tonight. To kick off a tour de Suisse and to celebrate (perhaps) his 70th birthday. (All the best, Dude.) He initiated the project «Back To The Groove» seven years ago and he’s reviving it for this tour. He’ll be presenting his take on soul jazz and psychedelic funk and cramming and jamming on our stage with him will be the sextet which on keyboards features Greg Galli and Erich Strebel (Seven, Andreas Vollenweider and Pippo Polina, Michael von der Heide  respectively), on sax Dani Gubelmann (Five on Fire, Zuerich Jazz Orchestra), on bass Thomy Jordi (Nick Baertsch’s Ronin, Adi Weyermann) and on percussion Andi Pupato (Andreas Vollenweider, Seven).

«Fuck it Dude. Let’s go bowling.» (The Great Lebowski). «Fuck it Dude. Play some great music.» (Fans of Duede Duerst).

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