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Raw and pure and honest
Sunday, 25.09.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
+ Drunken Prayer
How can songs about broken homes, dirt-poor families and looming death be so beautiful? Dark and morbid Freakwater have been gloriously getting away with it.

This wild bunch of a band could get even dead Sam Peckinpah holler hotdamn!yezzz! from his grave under the mescal cactus. Alt-country, dark roots Americana, shadows of Celtic folk and lyrics darker than the light in Hadesville. At the core of this legendary sextet is and always has been the harmonizing union of Catherine Irwin and Janet Beveridge Bean, legends in their own right. They’ve been around forever and a few years and lead the posse in their notoriously visceral down and dirty show. The sound’s a dissonant marauding electric hum that spews out short and sulfurous songs. Songs of ominous storytelling, stories inside stories, told in real nasty lyrics. Raw is pure is honest because shining through unmistakably also is innocent clear beauty. Go back in time and get to know their previous albums like the unforgotten 1993 «Feels Like The Third Time (featuring «My Old Drunk Friend»), followed by «Old Paint» in ‘95. Some critics say those are their best albums.

Until now. Freakwater is bringing with them «Scheherazade», their eight and latest record. Here they’re morphing into something more contemporary and the songs on the album have a show stopping cinematic feel to it. But if this sounds nice and cozy, it’s nothing to be perturbed about. Because touchy-feely this album is not, not by a long shot. Sure enough, lyrics like «Come on home if you can find it ‘cause the farm is blown away» keeps their integrity real and alive. The new album is the driving force of this their first European tour in ten years and by the way, you can hear Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three and The Bad Seeds on violin and flute play his part on it.

Freaky Freakwater. They’re the wildest nastiest bunch ever to stampede into our corral.

«Scheherazade» is not only their most-modern-sounding record, it might be their best since «Old Paint» - Pitchfork

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