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Catch him while you can
Saturday, 09.07.2016, 21:21
oh what a night...
Jack Broadbent
Was that Jack onstage with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Peter Frampton at the Jones Beach Theatre outside New York just recently, June 5?

You bet.

Jack Broadbent is an improvising street blues slide guitar phenom who’s on a dizzying trajectory to inevitable stardom in just the last year and a spot among the guitar greats. This isn’t just us happy to have him on our stage but Bootsy Collins, the Parliament funkster and members of Canned Heat, the Woodstock alumni, are practically guaranteeing it as well.

English elegant, he’s a musician with a set of astonishing instrumental skills and an equally amazing way with words.  Now speeding on that long and winding road to fame, you could say he owes it all to playing in the street. It’s where his sound was born and grew into perfection. It’s where he sat down with that guitar on his knees, on corners and sidewalks, curbs and gutters, train stations and bus depots, arrivals and departures, on top and under bridges, high roads and skid rows, in front of art houses and whore houses. Deriving ideas and energy from an urban scenery and blurring cacophony of sounds overpowering the senses of mad denizens rushing by with the attention span of a gutter fly. The street, the university of life, that school of hard knocks, gritty stage for the survival of the fittest, street-fighting Jack Broadbent made it his.

His debut album from last year is «The Trail of Tears» and was followed by this year’s «Portrait» and social media has gone haywire about his work and it’s no surprise he’s on stage at the prestigious Montreux Jazz this summer. But tonight he’s at our distinguished address and gracing our much more intimate stage. Catch him while you can when he sings «Well, I’m sitting in the sunlight / but all I feel is rain / no one but you can be my shelter / and I won’t see you again.»

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