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Not to be pinned down
Monday, 11.07.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Delaney Davidson
& Nicole Izobel Garcia
No, it’s not the first time Delaney’s dropping anchor on the island of music. But if you’ve been out to sea when he docked on our shores before, this is for you.

This singer/songwriter, artist, actor, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performer with or without band, this renaissance man from the other island country down under was seriously indoctrinated into the ways of music and show business at the advanced age of 2 months when he witnessed a Rolling Stones concert, legend has it. Sometime later and living up to his other first name Ulysses he set sail for enticing new horizons that led him to regularly tour across Europe. That led to being landlocked for a few years here in Switz. Which led to 7 solo albums and three more in collaboration with Marlon Williams. In turn facilitating various get-togethers with our beloved Dead Brothers and the label Voodoo Rhythm. Note also that he came out on top of the Sad Song Competition in Berlin in 2010 and in 2011, the Best One-Man Band first place in Zurich. 

What burns through his work like a straight shot of good old whisky trickling down into the nether regions is a penchant for sardonic honesty. Titles like «Self Decapitation» (2010), «Bad Luck Man» (2011, you know who), «Sad but True», (3 volumes (!) 2012-14). But he’s now topping it all off with his latest «Lucky Guy» (you know who) from last year.

His music is rooted in the today but strangely reminiscent of times past just the same. Not to be pinned down to genres like Country Noir, Gothic Americana, Alt Country, Hank Williams, even country fair tingle tangle either, his material will get you to hold on for dear life. And it’s all performed with the dead-pan expression of a Buster Keaton. Making things considerably more spicy is Delaney’s sidekick tonight, the lovely Nicole Izobel Garcia, she of the out-of-this-world voice and jiggling maracas. Tom Waits meets Carmen Miranda.

Delaney Davidson from New Zealand and from the better side of madness. Also featuring the lovely Nicole Izobel Garcia. It’s going be a hot summer night by the oh-so cooling Missizihl. 

el Lokal