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Record release
Saturday, 23.04.2016, 21:21
oh what a night...
Th. Hoffmann (CH)
«Th. Hoffmann is celebrating the launch of his newest cd on the very last and most beautiful island in all of Zurich» is how Th. himself is announcing the event tonight on his website. Gee Th., you’re welcome. And thanks for the flowers.

The new album, his third, is titled «Le Travelling begins» and it’s the third by this pop folk singer-songwriter who was himself launched by the streets of Zurich. (Check out his video on YouTube for the piece «171» from the album «Geboren 1980» for explanation). He’s a guitar freak and brings along as many as four or more of his beautiful babies.

He’s an intense fellow this Th. and the consummate musician and poet who easily tells as many stories as he shows different faces. To him art is not something you do it’s something you live. And he’s been living it well so far. Considering he started out as a bricklayer and afterwards brick by brick he’s also built his own unique musical career. Take his ongoing involvement with his band Acapulco Stage Divers, the other of his own band the Th. Hoffmann Band and solo works like the afore mentioned «Geboren 1980» from 2013 (Born in 1980). Then happened the 2015 «Uranus Present» which was performed entirely in dialect. It was a successful attempt to reach his audience right the way he wanted to – in theirs and his language.

The guy’s the ultimate travelling journeyman - when he arrives he really takes off. Aside from right where he’s from, Th. Hoffmann’s musical inspirations have come from the exploration of far corners of the world, both physical and mental. In his live concerts his music unfolds with a repertory that easily bridges the gulf between folk- and chamber pop. What’s more, Th.’s talent shows high integrity – it’s homegrown. Too bad the folks at Popkredit haven’t woken up to that little detail yet.

«The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes» (Marcel Proust). And ears.

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