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from the island to the desert
Monday, 02.05.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
+ The Harpoonist &
The Axe Murderer (USA / CAN)
Hiding behind the quixotic name is a mixed breed cumbia/rock’n’roll tornado blowing in from the legendary desert rocker hotbed Tucson, Arizona. Fronted by our friends Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan of many and Giant Sand fame. «Bloodline» is their debut album.

Specifically, chicha is an urban variation of the Columbian cumbia genre of the 60’s and 70’s and represents an uninhibited and wild mezcla of dance-crazy sounds and melodies from the highlands of the Andes summits where el condor pasa. It’s music of an untamed essence, the rhythms as free flowing and breathtaking as the thin mountain air. Witness how desierto rock, montanas sounds and urban danzas naturally flow into and energize each other right here down by the river.

You could easily call Lopez and Sullivan old hands in what they do and for what they’ve been up to until now. Tirelessly writing and recording, they’ve also been rounding the globe in a myriad of different incarnations. Like dressing up for Calexico or here performing on the island with the Sergio Mendoza Orkesta or the ubiquitous Giant Sand, of course. Together, their brainchild has been Chicha Dust. A combo that’s been a leading player and revitalizing force in the chicha scene for quite some time. However, with XIXA and resorting to their vast repertory they present their own distinctive take on this particular category and it’s based on great song writing and bright new musical dimensions. «When we started to play chicha we diligently learnt those songs but after a certain point our own songwriting just began to blend in easy».

XIXA are Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan - guitars and vocals; Jason Urman - keyboards; Geoff Hidalgo – bass; Efren Cruz Chavez – timbales, percussion; Winston Watson – drums. «While Efren was listening to latin exclusively, Winston was hitting the kettles with Alice Cooper in the 90’s.» That’s how it is tonight – from the island to the desert and on to the peaks of the Andes and on to your own stairway to heaven. 

el Lokal