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Que un milagro!
Monday, 21.03.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Dan Stuart (USA)
«Dan Stuart is gonna die soon, like in 20 or 30 years, a blink of an eye. And just like any good vintage fender amp, before its tubes go out for good, they glare brighter than ever and its sound plays with your mind. Has it always sounded this good? Why does it sound better than ever? No clue… just don’t fucking touch those tubes!» – HOWE GELB

What makes a legend most? What are the requirements to get to sit on the bench that has to be pretty crowded by now? Can a legend still be alive or are they usually rigor mortis dead? Is there a committee that accepts applications? Can a rumored stay in a mental hospital be helpful in achieving membership? Or starting and guiding seminal bands? How about hanging your hat in every imaginable stage in all corners of the world? Going incognito in the South of Mexico and then find deliverance in a brilliant resurgence?

How about just continuing to create fine music while you’re still a l i v e ? Dan Stuart, inventor and front man of the post-punk band Green On Red emerged from his domicile in Mexico with a comeback desert rock solo album «The Deliverance Of Marlowe Billings» back in the summer of 2012. It’s out on vinyl as well and it’s also the title of his book which he calls «a false memoir.» The album was recorded with Sacri Cuori and the material was covered by a plethora of willing and able artists. This year he’s released a follow-up with «Marlowe’s Revenge» which he recorded with Mexico City’s Ital-Mex Twin Tones, one of the hottest new bands from south of the border.

Tonight Dan will be joined by the guitar player/composer Antonio Gramentieri (Sacri Cuori) who produced Dan’s 2010 «Love Of The Amateur». Another supporting hand for tonight’s gig is lent by the young and very gifted singer/songwriter Fernando of whom you probably never heard of. But listen up, he’s in from the scene in Portland, OR and his new album is titled «Leave The Radio On» and it burns bright with guests like REM‘s Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey.

Dan & Antonio & Fernando. With the kind of stuff legendary nights are made of.  

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