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Lyric Driven Dirt Swing
Sunday, 03.04.2016, 20:02
oh what a night...
Louis Barabbas
& the Bedlam Six (UK)
The leader with the biblical name of this vaudevillian band is a face wrecking pantomime that sings and a bizarre artist that paints with a sonic brush.

They’re from Manchester, England and it’s where Louis’s also co-founder of the label Debt Records. A revolutionary label that not only turns the profits back to the artists but  features a concept that’s indebted not just to music but also to film, comics, literature and photography. All the good stuff life has to offer to the insatiable patron and that we know includes you.

Someone wrote about Bedlam’s performance it’s like «Dostoyevsky meets Monty Python»and «this guy’s fucking crazy!» you might exclaim yourself once you get an eye- and earful of their highly energetic act. It’s all full-steam gloriously over the top and it takes off with uninhibited cabaret blues performed in periodic apparel, of course. «Lyric Driven Dirt Swing» is what they call their style and they promptly TM’ed that description. Louis’ last name may have biblical connotation but his lyrics lack any pious quality to say the least. Twisted lusty and delectably dirty lovelorn love songs are some of the standards coming from this band and most are penned by Louis himself. About his solo album «Gentle Songs of Ceaseless Horror»he explains «Every foot stomper I wrote was followed by a somewhat deformed afterbirth. When there were about a dozen of those I realized that unintentionally I had written a concept album about existential ghost stories. To be totally honest I moved far away from my comfort zone with this one. And that’s super cool.»

Before getting it on with the Bedlam Six in 2006, Louis spent some time in Philadelphia and the East Coast live underground scene and returned with a chock-full of ideas. Some of which you’ll hear tonight and they’ll reminded you of the biblical truism «There’s no business like goddamn’ show business».

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