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Much Ado About Loving
Monday, 18.01.2016, 20:02
oh what a night...
Gregor McEwan (DE)
His main subject is the presence of love in all its forms. Its purities and aberrations, carnal and platonic, the love of nature and of home. Presented with sensitive but rigorous restraint and killing you softly with insight.

His art is about love in life and the way we all experience it. Gregor McEwen was born Hagen Siems, he then first changed his name and later his home to live in Berlin where he now hangs his heart. A piano prodigy at six but after years of subsequent musical training pop got him good. He earned his chops writing songs for the indie band Helter Skelter until they disbanded in 2009. His own first master piece album came out as «Houses and Homes» in 2010 on Tom Liwas label Ludwig which was followed by the next stroke of genius, the 2014 «Much Ado About Loving». It earned him comparisons to artists like Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, Noel Gallagher and Bright Eyes in the same singer-songwriter category. Noteworthy also is his touring with Julia Stone and Joan As Policewoman and an appearance on the Rolling Stone Magazine disc New Noises.

What is it with his work that remains for time to come in your conscious or subconscious. Principally perhaps his art is about your life as it is seen and felt by him. His lyrics evoke sudden recognition followed by a smile, they lead the search and celebrate the discovery, they touch the heart and mind. His tough love words are carried and transformed by charming Ennio Morricone soundbytes, boom-bastic drum sequences, whimsical electronic sampling, of the cello, hard-driving banjo pickings and thundering piano chords competing with spherical e-guitar excursions and trance-inducing caresses of the cello..

Without further ado: Tonight Doctor McLove is in the house.

«Great love songs! Americana oscillating between the gruff and tender» – Rolling Stone

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