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Between ornate alt-folk, dusty desert rock and jazzy lounge
Saturday, 05.12.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Giant³ Sand (USA)
Can frequent flyer miles mangle a musicians mind?

If so, we wouldn’t want their sacrifice to be here to go that far. However according to Howie Gelb and in respect to his Giant Sand brand new album «Heartbreak Pass», incessant crossing of the pond, like in transponding, with its obvious unsettling turmoil can be a blessed curse. «There are 3 volumes of 15 songs here representing living 2 lives for 30 years. Don’t do the math. It doesn’t figure. The 1st volume is a loud and lucky abandon as if there’s no choice. The 2nd volume is more heady, steady and direct, what they call Americana these days. The 3rd volume is the heart in constant turmoil from the effect of crossing the pond way too often, the blessed curse of the indie transponder.»

It’s a heads-up you can believe in from an artist with a characteristically brainy disposition. Customarily, he’s not carrying the whole load all by himself on this album and there are numerous artists stepping up to the plate including Steve Shelly of Sonic Youth, Jason Lytle of Granddaddy, Grant-Lee Philips, John Parish of PJ Harvey, Maggie Bjoerklund of Jack White and, of course, our famoso friend, Vinicio Capossela. And the participation of original Giant Sand drummer Winston Watson, who’s lent his sticks to Bob Dylan and Alice Cooper, is part of the line-up as well. Creating a sound that’s situated somewhere around and in between ornate alt-folk, dusty desert rock, jazzy lounge and 35’000 feet high. 

So much for the line-up on their newest disc. Live - y bastante seguro -you’ll get to hear Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan for openers as well as both guys sitting in with the band. (The two will bring the desert closer to the river again December 14, here and on their own). Other musicians with Giant Sand tonight might well include Thoger Lund, Jon Villa, Peter Dombernowsky, Nikolaj Heyman, Anders Pedersen, Iris Jakobson and Asger Christiansen. 

If this doesn’t make you transriver, nothing will. 

el Lokal