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Musical chameleons
Saturday, 28.11.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Wooden Sky
+ Th. Hoffmann (CAN)
«If you come to a fork in the road take it.» –Yogi Berra

It isn’t that simple, Yogi. Gavin Gardiner the leader of tonight’s band, Wooden Sky explains: «It felt to me like a do or die moment. We’d spent so much time on the road where we had to choose whether to go on or just stop. «Let’s Be Ready» gave us a sense of renewed energy. It’s more of a rock album than anything we’ve ever made before. It’s fun to go for broke and we were happy to do it.» «Let’s Be Ready» is the new studio album by this band from Toronto and they’re introducing it to their fans through an extensive tour. Gavin is the free spirited leader of this great country-folk-indie-rock collective which by now is part of the inventory of our spot on the island by the Mississihl. 

They’re musical chameleons forever changing and re-inventing their style and keeping their sound renewed and timeless. Raw and unpolished The Wooden Sky could also remind you of Wilco, Okkervil River and the Flaming Lips. Their road to notoriety is paved with classics like «When Lost at Sea (2007), «If I don’t Come Home You Know I’m Gone (2009) and «Every Child A Daughter. Every Moon A Son» (2012). But what separates them from other bands is their burning desire to search for a connecting lifeline with their audience. In fact it’s the basis of their success. Their notorious «Bedrooms and Backstreets Tour» was living proof of that because it got down to stops at parties, back alleys, laundromats and balconies. Their songs tell great stories and The Wooden Sky show an ego-free relaxed togetherness indicative of great touring bands. Sons and daughters of the moon, this band will be rocking your universe tonight.

Th. Hoffmann studied bricklaying to make a living. He’s also an artist of great versatility and perplexes with as many different stories as he puts on different faces. Tonight he’ll perform solo without his regular band, The Acapulco Stage Divers. His songs are rooted in the inconclusive, in the deliberately never really getting there. The music oscillates between folk and pop and the emotions zigzag from melancholia to euphoria. Applying German texts the songs are performed on top of a brick solid foundation of guitar and harmonica by this idiosyncratic musician.

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