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Dios mio!
Sunday, 22.11.2015, 19:19
oh what a night...
Orkesta mendoza (USA)
There’s a Gringo who had this to say about a Mexican (no, we’re not talking about you, Donald Trump): «Orkesta Mendoza always surprises anew with the new – live and on stage. The album ‘Mambo Mexicano!’ is just the tip of the iceberg of great things yet to come.» (Joey Burns, Calexico leader). Yeh, yeh but can you dance to it?

For starters, he’s the most handsome vato West of The Rio Grande and the leader of the suit-and-tied six-head strong Orkesta Mendoza. Traditional style is big with Sergio but when he mixes the rambunctious element of punk with traditions like Mexican rumba, psychedelic cumbia, mambo, ranchero, jazz, merengue, indie rock the blend could get a punk punked out. In fact he manages to give all these different genres the meltdown in such a way that the sound results in a whole new blood-pumping experience. Si, si, but can you dance to it?

Prior to revolutionizing the dances and sounds of traditional pan-latin music Sergio Mendoza first got his feet wet in the world of traveling bands as a side man in bands like Devotchka, Calexico and Giant Sand. «If I had a son… I would want that son to be a musical genius, not unlike a certain dark haired handsome lad from Tuscon I know. The one that plays the guitar like a prince, the piano like a king, accordion, percussion and all other instruments like some sort of sub-deity, and the vihuela… like a god.» (Tom Hagerman of Devotchka).

A six-piece latin band, dressed up like the guys in Reservoir Dogs playing the kind of Latin that gives purists nightmares? Dios mio y gracias a ustedes!  Yeh, yeh but can you dance to it?!

«Sergio Mendoza is probably my favorite musician of this time. He has the cumbia and mambo in his DNA, but he has the power to make it sound like today. His orkesta is as punk as the Sex Pistols and as violent as Perez Prado.» – Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound

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