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Peculiar could be their middle name
Monday, 07.12.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Burning Hell (CAN/DE)
Where on earth have they been hiding? But who needs to know when the resurrection comes in the form of their sixth and newest album, «People». (Could it be a reference to Sartre’s «Hell is other people»?)

Be that as it may, The Burning Hell is an eccentric Canadian folk and indie rock collective gathered around the brainy songwriter Mathias Kom. Peculiar could be their middle name but staying away from explaining the unexplainable let’s just say that Mathias writes the most brilliant and wittiest lyrics originating from the indie scene in Canada. Musically they write and perform some of the finest indie rock coming out of all of the New World. What’s more they’ve been burning the stages with their heavenly live shows all across the globe. Yep, once they went on a tear through 10 countries performing 10 different gigs in all of 24 hours. (see http:/ More relaxed and intimate, tonight it will be Ariel Sharratt on clarinet and sax and Mathias Kom on guitar, ukulele and vocals. Writes Toronto’s Globe and Mail:«Canada’s Randy Newman and Cole Porter merge with one eye peering at the coming apocalypse and with the other at the neck of the ukulele.»

Susie Asado
Take this, Gertrude Stein. One of your poem’s now the name of a band. Actually mainly a girl band at that (we knew you’d like that). 

They’re from Berlin and their 4th and latest album is «State of Undress». Fittingly the first song is «Entkleiden» (Taking it Off). The songwriter Josepha Conrad is the leading femme fatale of this collective. Subtly prolific in her poignant storytelling she also performs on guitar, ukulele, bass, casio and vocals and because «I’m terrified to perform by myself», Josepha gets support from Alicja Adamczyk on violin, bass-pedals and vocals, Ariel Sharratt on clarinet, bass-pedal, casio and vocals, Robert Kretzschmar on percussion and casio and Marko Hefele on violin. Shades of Tom Waits, Bert Brecht, Regina Spektor, Hidegard Knef and Patti Smith are fleetingly discernable. An air of easy does it and an aura of elegant minimalism lights up the stage when this fashiony fab ensemble is upon us. 

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