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Paul Armfield’s Friends Society
Monday, 16.11.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Paul Armfield (UK)
It should have resurrected the quintessential New York City rocker right back from his grave. We’re talking about that tremendous solo on his last visit here that Paul performed October 28, 2013 to mourn Lou Reed’s death.

He’s a big man and he and his double bass were dangerously bending our groaning boards. He’s a singer with his soul on his sleeve and a songwriter with the big heart of the poet. Born in Birmingham, U.K. but raised on the Isle of Wight where apparently they make’em his size, two towering meters large. His musical art is like a gentle massage and he tweaks his instrument in a manner of mellow, warm, wistful, spooky and smoky. He’s got his own maverick take on music somewhat recognizable in the vicinity of folk noir and chamber pop.

His current album «Found» was inspired by an astonishing collection of b/w photographs documenting life in 20th century Germany that was found in a flea market near Berlin. «The fact that nothing was known about the anonymous characters in the pictures was in itself very intriguing. But because they’re shown to be influenced by German history in one form or another exposed additional layers. Writing the songs, I tried to create a musical landscape to enhance the impressions emanating from these magnificent images. Like a 3-minute frame that allows to ponder and marvel. The anonymous lives are beginning to breathe.»   

Interesting also how this album got produced and financed. Recorded in Paul’s living room, it was financed by the «Paul Armfield’s Friends Society» which in turn requires the artist to create and produce one song based on a theme provided by a member of this unique supportive group. 

After living on the continent in Prague for a while this gentle giant’s back on his beloved Isle of Wight. From that island to our urban one, big Paul Armfield’s back and will be bending our groaning boards again. Not to mention our minds.

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