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Melodramatic chansons
Sunday, 08.11.2015, 19:19
oh what a night...
Les Lilas Marseille (CH)
Allons-y mes amis, let’s par-ty and honor the first five years of Les Lilas Marseille. And let’s remember it all began with their first album «L’amour l’amer la mort» which was released in 2010 at the Helsinki Club.

Tonight on the only island left, they’ll be celebrating with you this years’ release of their new vinyl single «Rouen – City of the Dead». Despite their confession of their belief that all great songs on this earth have already been written. But this was just a temporary attack of false modesty, bien sur? Because why would the singer of this melodious group keep on writing her own original and magnificent compositions?

A savoir, her name is Ines Florin (alias Madame Marseille), she’s a Zurichoise and her favourite bird is the blacker than black raven. Joining her in Les Lilas Marseille are Jonas Guggenheim (accordion, toy piano), Bruno Strueby (bass clarinet, banjo), Andrea Kirchhofer (violin, vocals), Alfons Schroeter (contra bass), Boris Steiner (drums – the works).

Follow this wonderful and not a little strange band to the edge of the harbour to listen to the rolling waves and feel the spray of the sea on your visage. Join their audaciously morbid voyages by listening to their ach so melodramatic chansons. About the endless sea and its sailors, the knifing committed by the two-timed bride, about a furtive and passionate romance in the dim back alley, when a sailor dies and even poor Jeanne D’Arc has to go up in flames at the stakes again. Yes, at times there’s the seductive glimmer of hope but alas, it flickers away like a dying soul.

Have a shot of absinthe esteemed island dweller and listen to some of the most beautiful songs you never heard. And in the dark shadow of the moon the blacker than black raven will see you home.

el Lokal