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The Addams Family of the Russian electronic scene
Saturday, 31.10.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Messer Chups
+ DJ Zombirella (RUS)
Betty Page in all her sexy domina glory is alive and well and is now a band member of Messer Chups! (Pravda)

Actually her striking Doppelgaenger’s name’s Svetlana Nagaeva (or Zombierella) and she’s playing bass and screams for this Russian experimental surf, rock’n’roll and psychobilly band. Her considerable assets and she herself are joined by Oleg Fomchenkov (or Gitaracula) on guitar and horror laugh and Boris Israel Fernandez (or Dr. Boris) on dementia drums. If you’ve seen them on the island before you know they’re one of our darling great cultural treasures by now and if you’re a first time user you’ll see they’re great spacey slippery fun.

They’re the sexy «Addams Family of the Russian electronic scene» past and present. And in fact their metamorphic family tree does show a number of the big names in experimental sound like the legendary Lydia Kavina, grand-niece of the inventor of that ingenious music box the theremin, a forerunner of the synth, who was invited into this monster mash band from St. Petersburg. Or Barbara Buchholz a virtuoso maestro of the instrument herself. Note also for instance the simultaneous existence of a parallel band, Messer fuer Frau Mueller. Or the joining of the drummer Denis «Kashey» Kuptzov from the famous group Leningrad. But musically the recurring concept is a foundation of surf drums with collages mixed in from obscure jazz recordings and scratchy soundtrack bits of trashy Sci-Fi and salacious American B-movies of the 60’s. Generously heaped on the top are driving guitar solos and theremin excursions for a near psychotic sound. Next to live, their creations can be heard in a prolific output of cd’s and videos.

Eccentric Messer Chups goes to 60’s Hollywood. Enjoy this sexy lollipop.

Embracing elements of decadent capitalism that even most Westerners would shy away from, zany Russian lounge mutant Oleg Gitarkin plays twangy sci-fi music for people who know that the future actually happened over 40 years ago.» - The Wire

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