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A observant young artist
Saturday, 10.10.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Rio Wolta
+ Lara Stoll (CH)
His first album «Swing For The Nation» is this young artist’s own personal «My Generation».

It’s a successful attempt through sharp and merciless insight from this young artists to spew out cathartic commentary of how he sees and feels the zeitgeist, how he voices his generation’s longings and values but also their addiction to the lies of false security, because of it an almost fanatical devotion to career and the manipulation of looks to fake the all-important front. While in turn fearfully rejecting the dreamer and condemning the eccentricities of the non-conformist.

If this irritating message hits a raw nerve it’s maybe also because it’s essentially nothing new. But Rio Wolta’s insights are solely his, they’re powerful because they’re deeply felt. His choice of words for an essentially political and mutinous message: «I’m gonna tell the truth my darlings, you are the reason I am killing your fathers. Wait for me in the heaven of gardens and I’m gonna bring life to you.»

Angry stuff coming from an observant young artist with an incisive mind. Moreover, the musical cocoon for his lyrics is deceptively benign, even conciliatory in its nice and pleasant harmonies. Only to violently turn on you with swift kicks to some sensitive parts. Lou Reed and Thom Yorke, but also Volcanic Choir, Stephen Malkmus and The Nationals are sending their hellos. This Zurich guy performs on guitar and vocals and he’s supported by Fabian Eicher on guitar and synth, Patrik Schmid on drums, Sereina Bueler, vocals and Patrick Wallimann on bass.

His video, please check it out on, contains a sequence of two robotic excavation machines in a sand pit facing off in a synchronized jaw-dropping ballet. Futuristic destruction in the name of progress has never been shown to be this elegant.


«Hey yo! I’m babyface Lara Stoll, boom! I’m your in-your-face slam poet & I’m on to set Rio’s ass on fire here tonite at El Lokal. Look out I’m a maverick. Winning European and Swiss slam titles makes me a champ, a com-pe-ti-tor, yo hear? ‘Cause I got them lookin’ at me like I’m next to the throne & I am. My new stuff’s called «Lara in Crisis Territory», see how you handle that. I was on on Swiss Tee-Vee & German doubleWDR  ‘cuz I got things to say people wanna hear & they luv me for it too; love love me doo, jus’ rushing into your blood stream stayin’ alive. In from the boonies my crib’s in Zurich now, night & day, know what I mean? Film studies & hanging out, is all. I’m in the sphere when I’m in the tub & I dig horses, friends & schnapps & slam poetry rapping about hair styles, dreams, fetishes & Swiss shit yo dig? Un poco loco see? Let me go yo, ‘cuz ever’body luvs a baby face, yo hear?»

el Lokal