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Cosmic American Music
Saturday, 26.09.2015, 21:21
oh what a night...
The DeSoto Caucus (DK)
While backing up the leader of Giant Sand senor Howe Gelb, these four great Danes from Aarhus became known as the European version of that band.

It’s common for overseas musician to put a local band together just for their European tours.

Which is why our good friend Howe Gelb knocked on their door one day because their reputation for expert and earthy live interpretations of Americana had preceded them. They were invited to the studio to record Howe’s «The Listener» which in turn led to The DeSoto Caucus backing the master live for the last 10 years in the U.S. as well. And the rest is music history. It led to backing up other notables because they simply wanted «to play with anyone interesting around». Which turned out to be artists like Isobell Campell and Mark Lanegan, Kurt Wagner and the great Scout Niblett. The DeSoto Caucus is also known to perform under the disguise of names like Nive Nielsen’s Deer Children or Plastic Horse.

Tonight, they’ll be themselves and it’s their own marvels you’re going to get to hear tonight. In the vein of indie, folk and Americana you’ll relax and hear songs inspired by what they guys call «Cosmic American Music» – breathtakingly multi-layered compositions performed with their customary unpretentious brilliance. Complex grooves and very cool guitar play masterfully create and construct rousing, soaring far reaching soundscapes that evoke wide open spaces and vistas even further away. Last year brought us their third album coolly called «The DeSoto Caucus.» «We wanted complex grooves and cool guitars all coming together in a timeless vintage package. These were our own marching orders» is how the band commented on their impressive effort.

Welcome back, The DeSoto Caucus. Danish-Tusconian Americana with more than a note of Giant Sand. Clearly, it’s not gonna be just another Saturday night at the old cosmic place by the Mississihl.

el Lokal