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Historical Swiss Folk Music brought into the 21st Century
Sunday, 20.09.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Landstreichmusik (CH)
Before we take you back in time to introduce you to an ancient form of Swiss folk music and its evolution, a Landstreicher was a vagabond who walked from hamlet to village to farm and to wherever a bit of money or food and lodging was to be had in exchange for temporary menial work. Or better, for playing a little music.

Landstreichen was against the law but it couldn’t contain these freedom-loving free-roaming tramps and it’s their music that tells what these guys were all about. Many of them were great musicians who relied on that skill for survival to get hired to play at weddings, vintages, Metzgete (butcher day) and country fairs alike. Music as a sociological phenomena and an indelible document of times past.

A great round of applause to tonight’s band, Landstreichmusik, for bringing this art form back into the now to preserve it for the future while organically allowing it to stay alive by adding elements of what life feels like today, concrete and virtual as it may be. The music immediately astonishes with its wide stylistic spectrum and its colorful instrumentations, it’s a lusty and uplifting, even a little anarchistic sound. The singing and yodeling can best be described to be of great exuberance, possibly influenced by and in reply to the incredible blue white beauty of the powerful alpine scenery. One song, which happens to open Landstreichmusik’s current album «Heiteri Schiba»(something like «cheery disc») comes with the instruction «keck und unbeschwert», meaning go for «jaunty and happy» and it’s a piece written time ago by the Bernese composer Jakob Hummel and is titled «Heitere Sinn» which could be translated as «in a good mood».

Almost in the footsteps of their ancient forbearers, the group Landstreichmusik has been on the road since 2012 and been busy performing in Germany and South Tirol as well. Their current line-up with their respective instruments gives you an idea of what you’re in for at the cradle of world music tonight. Matthias Lincke (violin and vocals), Christine Lauterburg (violin, viola and whooping and yodeling), Dide Marfurt (Toggenburger neck zither, wheel fiddle, bagpipe, truempi and tin drum) and Simon Dettwiler with the little Swiss accordion.

Historical Swiss Folk Music brought into the 21st Century. Landstreichmusik rocks.

Please note:
A 7-inch
«heiteri» vinyl single
will be released tonight.

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