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The one and only DeathBluesFuneralStringTrashOrchestra
Sunday, 13.09.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Dead Brothers (CH)
Live and well and very alive: The Bro’s tonight, how they live and let die.

Producing run of the mill albums isn’t their game mainly on account of the fact that their stuff’s securely situated in the realm of the unexpected. And quite often out there in that vast territory of bad taste, real bad taste. Within these boundaries, their music’s a demented mix of deeply felt funeral blues, psycho punk, black’n’blue-grass, rock’n’roll world music and you’ll also hear waltz, chansons and Balkan folk strewn throughout. All performed in theatrical get-ups, including blood smeared faces, and pushed further with bizarre, death defying, orgiastic on-stage convulsions. Perhaps reminding us of the good old days of the glorious theater rock of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. And if you can see beyond the, uh mesmerizing eye candy, they’re known to play some pretty damn good music.

The Dead Brothers set out to steamroll Europe in 1999 from Geneva and because of their relentless touring are well known all over the continent. Their last album is «Black Moose» (2014) and it’s no surprise that their work also found collaborations in theater productions like the, yes, «Wilhelm Tell» staging at the Schauspielhaus Zurich (a guy that’s finally deader than a door nail) as well as the music for the movie «Flammend’ Herz» (Flamin’ Heart) by Andrea Schuler and Oliver Ruts about three old time German tattoo artists.

The members of the bands with their eclectic choice of instruments like banjo, tuba instead of bass, violin, an old Hopf guitar with a sixties twang, percussion and other strange tools, are Matthias Lincke, Dide Marfurt, Leon Schätti and Resli Buri. The leader and brain of this flamboyant outfit is the mercurial Alain Croubalian on vocals, guitar and banjo, heading the «one and only DeathBluesFuneralStringTrashOrchestra».

Bloody hell. But whatever your shtick is, be it a healthy infatuation with the end of it all or a secret wish to get there faster, be our guest. If you don’t, it’s your own funeral.

el Lokal