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A bizarre and frantic musical journey
Monday, 03.08.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
G. Rag y los
Hermanos Patchekos (DE)
FYI: this is a strange band and you’re in for a wild and crazy ride. But hey, chances are they’ll actually squeeze a smile or even a laugh out of you.

In a self-depreciating manner they call their sound «Caribbean Trash». But don’t be fooled and discard them into the nearest garbage can. They’ve been around since 1999 and they’re a tight-knit and swinging 11-member big band if there ever was. A bunch of lusty musicians that’ll confound and astound you with their fanatical devotion to the unpredictable. Performed in a seemingly effortless style that could best be described as hectic easy-does-it.

Their Svengali is Andreas Staebler, the man runs a record store in Munich as well and all the band’s recordings were produced by a record label of the same name, «Gutfeeling». No pun intended but let the feeling in your gut be your guide and join their bizarre and frantic musical journey. Set sail for the island of Lo-Fi, hop to the archipelago of Post-Punk, drop anchor on the island of Lusty Abundance, lift anchor for the atoll of Folk-Rock, tango to the island of Hermanos Tango, the reef of Ska and then dock on ours for some generously bastardized Bavarian Humpah. You see (or hear), these unruly pirates have hijacked almost every music genre imaginable and apparently with no shame whatsoever. All ramshackled together in their virtuoso manner and with the help of some instruments that could be found in toy stores and junkyards alike.

The band raised the flag of their first album «Tijuana Radio» in 2000 and is remaining current with «Pain Perdu» (2012) and «Honky Tonkin» (2013). Complementing the fact that they’re a disciplined recording band with some of their work appearing in a German TV series and a movie is that they’re the quintessential live band. You’ll hear Tex-Mex trumpet solos with undertones of a hybrid between tango and flamenco and hot desert rock tunes that will make you thirst for more. No doubt, their hearts and souls belong to that far out border land way out  there in the new world.

Let’s not be fools and waste time trying to analyze this amazing band. Just fill your sails with great expectations and drop your anchor next to that well-stocked caboose on the island of Big Fun! 

el Lokal