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somos todos Mexicanos
Saturday, 18.07.2015, 21:21
oh what a night...
Puta Madre Brothers (AU)
Were they exiled from Australia because of their name or their mother really was a … quien sabe … it could have been also because of their music and way of life… or the in generous amounts applied hair gel (Brilliantine) to their prominent duck tails.

Perhaps because of penning songs like «Queso Y Cojones» or «Besos En El Culo» or «Soy Una Fruta» or «Mi Perro Es Tan Feo». Or maybe Australia was just too small for them.

The demented tres amigos will be cruising in here shortly with their brand new and hot as a chili pepper tamale 2015 creation «Amor Y Basura». If you like that juxtaposition, you’ll like the brothers: Anto Macaroni (lead guitar, bass drum, snare, cymbals), Pikkle Henning (bass, bass drum, foot maracas, hi-hats) and Renato Vacirca (acoustic and electric guitar, bass drum, foot tambourine and cow bell). They have a message and it’s as unmistakable as it is simple: We’re all Mexicans – somos todos Mexicanos – getting more and more fried under the same hot sun.  

Legend has it that during one of their performances, lo and behold, chickens were clucking in the audience. Either they were put there or they came in to see the brothers on their own. Rumour also has it that the only Mexican in the band went to his ancestral homeland recently in order to infuse even more authentic Mexican flavour not to say sabor mejicano autentico into this already tasty enchilada of a band. (Or was he visiting his madre?) Sin duda, what we have here is a hot mierda Mexican band which has left a trail of mayhem and seduction and deeply impressed the entire planet with their bits respecting Richie Valens, King Automatic, Pedro Vargas, Nathaniel Mayer, Dead Brothers, Leningrad Cowboys.

Senoritas y Senores, tonight this part of town turns into Mexi-Motown! And it’s on this barren strip of land the terrible triplets will continue their hair raising ride. Whether you’re a chicken or not, getonup for un giro loco. And when you need to calm things down don’t be stingy neither with that distilled agave stuff nor the Brilliantine.

el Lokal