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Record release
Saturday, 27.06.2015, 21:21
oh what a night...
Anaheim +
Thee Irma & Louise (CH)
With these two bands guesting tonight it could be the night of the musical chairs. Shut off the light for a moment and when turning it back on, see who’s playing with who now.

Before the happy jumbling with the other half of tonight’s bill, this about Anaheim: These two dames are hot and unconventional beauties and they’re in their seventh itchy year together as a band. But what to make of their name? It could be a study in contrast - an homage to Disney World from two talented musicians who live in Zwingli’s Town? Any which way, the bs we’re serving up here is supposed to help their name recognition - A-na-heim, dig? And that gets easier also once you listened to their stuff. The band is Caroline Baur and Gessica Zinni and they describe their sound as American folk or Valium country. They write and perform their own songs with titles like «Doom Grass», «Rain and Snow», «Trauriges Lied no11» and «In The Pines», sounding like Freakwater meets Angels of Light.

Thee Irma & Louise are another idiosyncratic Swiss act with a style influenced by the music of Link Wray and Gun Club and The Birthday Party. They’ve felt right at home in some of the dingiest and mildew infested basement clubs when gigging throughout Europe. So don’t blame them for their complexion. Primordial garage punk, blues, country, then dark psychedelics are their bread and butter and are performed with fine instrumentals and aggressive vocals.

On their 2010 «White Hell» you could first hear the vocals of Gessica of Anaheim. Since then the two combo’s have been touring together and a pretty good match to begin with is turning great. Tonight they’ll be presenting their split single «Sugarland / Golde Under A Tree» and Gessica will lend her pipes again. Drummer Erik Heestermans (Steve Gunn) crosses over to Anaheim which will in turn will get contributions from bass, roaring feedback and pedal steel guitar to complete this intriguing hodgepodge. Leaving you to sit on your own musical chair. But baby, not for long.

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