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The never ending world tour
Monday, 01.06.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Paul Ubana Jones (NZ)
He’s got the widest grin north of the Equator and a smile that’s worth a thousand songs.

Actually, how many songs does a musician perform in a solo career that spans over 40 years? 

The never ending world tour named Paul Ubana Jones kicked off in London where he was born to a Nigerian father and a British mother and where at 11 years young he got acquainted with the sound of the guitar and followed up with the study of the demanding cello. And so Paul and his music have been at it for a wondrously long and formative expansion, call it a glorious eternity. It’s been a journey from simple beginnings to the continuous unfolding of a unique talent. Seven years of it took place right here with us in Zurich, all happy ones we presume… After repeated tours of Europe, Canada and the U.S., and some time spent in the Provence, he currently lives in New Zealand with his wife and the kids.

It’s not easy to pin down and corral this rabble rousing and formidable troubadour. Not just physically but artistically as well. Take some Ritchie Havens, add part Andre Segovia and wrap it in Ravi Shankar and you may get a handle on this guy, it’s well worth a try. As for himself, he simply calls his music acoustic soul. Situated right on the crossroads where folk, pop, jazz, African roots and blues have met over time and right where Robert Johnson’s is hovering above. We can recognize that it’s a style uniquely that’s his own and was born out of those travels and travails and that freestyle mixing and matching. It’s music he presents with superb acoustic guitar play and a booming voice that will make your every hair stand up. Paul has opened for Patti Smith and Bob Dylan and has toured with Keb’Mo, Taj Mahal, Crowded House and Norah Jones.

He’s the Jimi Hendrix of the acoustic guitar, he’s the ultimate hoochie-coochie man. In another milestone, his personal magic will once again transform our island into the magical patch on the river that it can be. Definitely something to smile big about.

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