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The dreamer, the doubter, the charmer, the seducer.
Monday, 18.05.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Faber (CH)
Whoa. All it took was one song in front of the stupendous Sophie Hunger, the Swiss jazz-pop-singer-songwriter-bandleader, and Wunderkind Farber got all the help and encouragement he could hope for.

He of the one-word stage name fully exploited this fortunate head start and he did not disappoint Sophie and her taste when he became an integral part of local greats like the group Babyflipper, the former Summit. You could also see and hear this young troubadour and his idiosyncratic performances in bars and supermarkets, weddings and dog funerals and discos and dives.

Moreover, he didn’t disappoint his growing fan base and that just might include you in no time at all. We’re talking about him performing and properly launching his debut EP in our already many times baptized chapel, tonight. It’s your chance to get to know this guy.


Faber sings in German, he’s teutonically direct, with a razor minded and a sharp tongue. Some of his topics are about heroes that are nothing but charming losers. (Ahh, the truth - it hurts so good). He also writes and sings about unconditional love, Wanderlust and small-time crooks. He’s right where we are with his art, he’s with us. But then he takes it up a notch and confronts with stuff you been avoiding just thinking about not to mention doing it. Right to your face buster, you’re welcome. Conversely, he can resort to humor, yes but it’s the kind that slows down the laugh building in your throat. And throughout, Faber’s voice sounds like soothing Bon Iver or stretches into the dreamy despair of a Cat Power.

He’s been performing solo with his sidekick, the acoustic guitar. Which didn’t stop him when he felt the itch from calling on his former band mates and letting that well-greased fury fly. He’s an artist in the indie-folk vein and he’s with the Zeitgeist of this city Z, a city which has a rich cultural tradition. He just might be her poetic voice of today.

Faber. The big talent. The dreamer, the doubter, the charmer, the seducer. Remember, Sophie Hunger said so.

el Lokal