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love songs about drinking and drinking songs about love
Monday, 04.05.2015, 20:20
oh what a night...
Stanley Brinks
+ Freschard (FR)
«The more I listen to it, the more fascinated I become. It’s genius, weird, beautiful, maddening, genius. Is it great or am I completely nuts?» writes Skul, a fan from Chicago, Illinois about the music of our guests tonight.

While we can’t answer the second part of his question, we do agree with his opinion. And then some. Thanks.  

(Clemence) Freschard was born on a farm in Burgundy near Dijon, famous for its wines, of course, but also its mustard – seriously sharp and spicy stuff. Soon, she left for Paris to a life of waitressing and the discovery of a swiftly emerging talent for creating her own spicy stuff. While getting acquainted with guests at the restaurant like the ubiquitous Andre Herman Dune, aka Stanley Brinks. Who wrote a few songs for her, next to perhaps changing her life and she cut her first EP «Neon Orange». Off she went to New York City, the cathedral of fake lights and it’s where she discovered the e-guitar and wrote her own songs. And where she recorded her second EP «Shower Gel» with Mike Gomez on lap steel guitar. It’s now 2004 and counting and life’s a whirlwind, and presumably, it swept her to her current domicile, Berlin.

Berlin was godmother to her first LP «Alien Duck» which was followed by «Click Click», laid down with the e-guitar of Stanley Brinks and drummed up by Leo Bear Creek. On her third «Moonstone» it was her sitting down behind the drums herself and on her fourth «shh…» she’s happily flaunting the flute. On her current «Boom Biddy Boom» next to her vocals, listen to her play the drums again, plus Spanish guitar, zafzava (a friction drum or membranophone), tambourine, washboard and the piano on «Where Did You Go». On this and her duet album «Pizza Espresso» from 2014 you can hear her with the now legendary Stanley Brinks who contributed e-guitar, upright bass, piano, bells clarinet and saxophones. She currently also involves herself in electronic programming and is a member of the calypso band Kreuzberg Museum and the cult combo The Fox, with Ariel Sharrat and Matthias Korn and you guessed it! Stanley Brinks! And now you’re asking yourself, who the hell is the ominous

Stanley Brinks?

Born in ’73 in the City of Light, studied a bit of biology and worked as a nurse for a while. Half  Swedish and half  Maroccan parents injected him genetically with heavy
wanderlust as early as his birth. But despite his globetrotting ways always circulating through his veins, he got knee deep into a scene in New York City, while still continue to oscillate between San Francisco, Malta and Berlin for the last decade and up to this day. We already talked about his skill in mastering a shitload of instruments and in New York he ventured ahead into playing the sax in jazz bands. Demanding stuff.

At the end of the 90’s he evolved into a full-blooded singer/songwriter in his own right using the moniker Andre Herman Dune which he dropped 2006 after the break-up of his then band, the indie-rock trio Herman Dune, which included his brother David, and he’s now favoring the moniker Stanley Brinks. (Seriously, are you getting all this?) Stanley then recorded several albums and since all roads now seem to lead to Berlin, then and there he ascendeth to the throne of the uncrowned king of the European style of the calypso. Plenty of solo performances were complemented by touring together with The Wave Pictures, Ish Marquez and many others and of course, la jolie Freschard.

In 2010 he founded the 7-headed acoustic band Stanley Brink and the (selfcritical?) Kanixs  with which he recorded «Jamaica» and «Alligator Twilight». His album number 100 was titled «Stanley Brinks Hovers», «Maltese Suite» (2013) celebrated juicyhot Sicilian-Arabic folklore and with «Stanley Brinks Whistles» from 2014 he mixed South African Kwela with his songwriting while hitting the tin flute. His current solo output is «Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon».

Tonight promises to be a night of ironies and uncompromising sonic spectacles and it’ll also be about Freschard@Stanley Brinks and their happypower together. And together they’ll hopefully be expressing some of their very together «Pizza Espresso» – an album «of love songs about drinking and drinking songs about love in 10 gorgeous duets», writes
el Lokal