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A sonic experience
Saturday, 02.05.2015, 21:21
oh what a night...
The Sadies (CAN)
Their whiskey-soaked blend of alt-country, surf, psychedelic folk and hard rock surprises us with a sound like no other.

At heart, they’re hard rockers. Dallas Good on guitar, keyboard and vocals; brother Travis Good on guitar, vocals and fiddle; Mike Belitsky on drums and Sean Benn on the upright bass

impress with flawless and free flowing melodious instrumentals as well. Highlighted by some dark and mighty moody rollicking guitar play. All of which makes them Neko Case’s favourite backing band and you can check on that on their together album «The Tigers Have Spoken» from 2004. (Did they ever.) And we’re not quite done with the name dropping. After their debut «Precious Moments» from 1998, which, by the way, was recorded by Steve Albini (who did the same for The Pixies, Nirvana, The Stooges, Mogwai and PJ Harvey, they collaborated with dirty soul legend Andy Williams. Later, on their sixth album «Mayors Of The Moon» from 2003, they hooked up with Jon Langford of The Mekons. Telling also might be that the two brothers Dallas and Travis got introduced to the travelling musician’s lifestyle real early on by their father and uncles when touring with them and their band when they were still kids. (Father Bruce and uncles Larry and Brian still compromise a veteran country/bluegrass band, The Good Brothers.)

The Sadies’ current album is «Internal Sound» from 2013 and it’s their 16th (!) and it’s an external combustion full of «endings and beginnings, with cinematic, instrumental breaks, twangy fist pumpers like «The First 5 Minutes», muscular power pop like «Another Tomorrow Again», and haunting drones, like the excellent closer «We Are Circling», gushes Rolling Stone.

All of it can be heard – and what is it they can’t do? – on our island by the intoxicating Mississihl. A sonic experience that’ll bring with it some of the jangling and wildness of the Old West. And musical passages like the blacksmith hammer hitting the anvil contrasting with the thrill of the soaring nightingale up into the sky. It’ll ring in your ears till the rising dawn.

el Lokal