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You’re invited to sit in on their public rehearsal.
Sunday, 15.11.2015, 18:18
oh what a night...
+ Brett Newski (CH)
They musically expanded the Zurich based theater group HORA with support from the foundation Züriwerk and are one of the more unique bands on the local scene – and way beyond.

Fact is, all the members of the HORA’BAND are challenged with one kind of mental deficiency or another – for instance, the organ player confesses to a phobia of the keyboard… 

Overcome your own deficiencies, like self-imposed house arrest, and you’re in for quite a night; the HORA’TORIUM night. The band named last year’s cd «Schwarzes Schaf/Black Sheep» and it comes with a bi-lingual title, making things easier for the linguistically challenged. Listen to the album and you’ll hear Swiss country in dialect and other traditional folk on this album plus some of what comes across as early Floyd, Velvet or trancey Terry Reilly. Trying an impression of many intriguing passages on this tight and frugal work «Schwarzes Schaf/Black Sheep»: It sounds at first listening like something like Krautrock, it features the iciest of all cooler than cool vocals, supported by forceful accoustic guitars play and interspersed is a motoring, foreboding sfx in the background. Then the sequence’s building to a release in a burst of light and kaboom! all that dark is history. Sec and seductive. Nothing pompous, nothing overproduced.

You can just feel their sincere effort all throughout their work. HORA’BAND displays an inspiring togetherness that creatively connects its divergent minds in very mysterious ways. They have an insistent approach to their art but are also open to letting the chips fall where they may. The black sheep of HORA’BAND are Denise Wick Ross – vocals, mandolin; Sandra Grande – vocals, harmonica, percussion; Ibis Yiddish – drums; Enrico Rizzio – Western guitar, glockenspiel; Roil Strobe – electric guitar and Dr. Veer on the Wurlitzer organ. The musicians of the HORA’BAND are not asking for your sympathy. But they welcome your eavesdropping during their rehearsal tonight and promise sets that will scramble your grey matter and jumble your marbles. Interrupted only by a sumptous meal on the house so you cannot only hear them play but watch them eat. 

Sitting in with them tonight for a few songs is


He’s an American power folk singer- songwriter and guitarist from Wisconsin. In 2011, he concluded his solo effort «In Between Exits» after touring all over Southeast Asia all on his own. «I write tons of songs and I’m touring my face off, mainly to control my anxieties. There are two people who call my style «American Folk Armageddon». Another says I sound like Violent Femmes or Frank Turner or Jake Bugg.» Whatever anybody has to say - if that is what paranoia produces we want some of it for ourselves.

It’ll be a moment of high anxiety all of its own when Brett’s and HORA’BAND’s forces musically collide tonight.

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