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A gifted truth- and storyteller
Sunday, 18.01.2015, 19:19
oh what a night...
Gregor McEwan (DE)
Born in 1982 and at the age of 6, he started playing the guitar. Later he changed his name and the make and re-make of a singing and songwriting talent was on it’s way.

The chameleon was born in Haltern am See as Hagen Siems, changed the name to Gregor McEwan and it wasn’t the only metamorphosis he conciously created: he also went to music school at 19, wrote songs for the indie band Helter Skelter and moved to Berlin and his preferred place to live. In 2010 and thru Tom Liwas Label Ludwig, he released his debut album «Houses and Homes». Away from those, he toured and shared the stage with Julia Stone and Joan As Policewoman. In 2014 he created the ear- and brainworm «Much Ado About Living» which was mainly about that timeless theme of love in all its glory, purity and innocence. Or dark and corrupting, hedonistic and ecstatic, the fear of it and the refusal to love, life’s consuming obsession as a fantasy and disappointment, carnal pleasure or  neurotic celibacy. Gregor McEwen’s really a bard in the eternal tradition of Shakespeare, he’s an eyeopener, a gifted truth- and storyteller, he’s much ado about much.

Comparisms to Ryan Adams, Damien Rice & Bright Eyes don’t hurt either. Gregor’s in illustrious company as singer and songwriter but you’ll recognise and love his art for its originality – it’s a genre he created and made it his own: Folklorecore. At the musical centre of it you have, and to just name a few, far-out symphonic Morricone excursions colliding with even more bombastic reverb drum explosions that are segueing into oh-so-sweet and tender passages helped by a dreamy cello only to rudely rock things with sledgehammerlike piano chords or prick your ears with some ecstatic banjo picking, ‘deliveranced’ to the listener.

True to form and true to his love for the subject of his obsession, his duets with Tess Wiley will get anbody’s arterial heart blood pumping and drain all that icy water from the veins. They were lovingly produced by Dinesh Ketelsen in Hamburg, who’s worked with Nationalgalerie and Fink.

«I was crossed in love until you crossed my way». Allright, well enough, but you gotta love this guy for this «When the only thing that stands between you and me is and».

el Lokal