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Saturday, 06.12.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Quentin Yellow Band
& Guests (CH)
It’s going to be this bands first EP launch and this party’s aim is to celebrate the disc that features songs like “Universe», «Love Affair» and “Stay Wild» and that that will consume the whole evening, you can already tell.

Kristian Quentin Trafalet hails from the upper region of the Canton of Zurich, he is or was a professional actor, director, landscaper/gardener and occasional waiter, as his particular personal story goes. He croons, plays the piano and the guitar while Richard Pechota supports on bass and Tobias Hunziker is backing up on drums. Theres a clenched, heavy dose of freedom and passion in his musical punch, well fortified perhaps by his two-year stay in Canada and the U.S. and maybe also kissed into him by the muse he met and fell in love with while travelling cruza de Mejico (Universe-Love-Wild, dig?). Love at first sight with muy caliente heavy passion, quien sabe?

Tonite maybe will shed some light on this novela when he’ll be performing his songs in the one locale that reminds him of his eventful travels the most.  A place that’s full of history and stories of its own. He’ll be joined by his papa Max Trefelet on drums for some songs and by the singer Katharina Busch for much more - she of that power of voice that'll surely give you erected goose bumps and rollercoaster heart palpitatations just by itself.

As we said, it’s the birthday and christening of the Quentin Yellow Band’s EP and we urge you not to be yellow and check voluntarily into our own San Quentin of world music lockup.

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