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A musical hybrid
Monday, 08.12.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Xylouris White (GR/AUS)
If a Greek with a lute by the name of George Xylouris and an Australian with a bunch of drums by the name of Jim White meet up, it takes no great genius to figure you’re not just getting good music. You’re getting great music with an eccentric, exotic, ancient and contemporary twist and all under the name of, you got it, Xylouris White.

They’re categorised by the ones that live by this and must do so as post-punkers and the two have been happily together crusading through the Outback and then visiting the house of Hades and afterwards surging up through the generous hole in the ozone, up towards our holy sun, just punking along, ahem & amen.

Their first album together is animalistically called «Goat». Satyr, Pan or Faun, any which way you milk this, it’s definetely an extraordinairy piece of new music and it’s extremely sharp stuff, especially when listened to and appreciated L – I – V -- E.

Conveniently, that’s what you’re priviledged to be part of on a mythical night that’s sure to reach the Pantheon of New Greek Mythology because of all its musical glory. Seriously, Jim White and his percussion have been wanted, honored and desired by PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Will Oldham while George, who’s the son of Greek icon Nikos Xylouris, played lute practically in the cradle. The result of their joined artistic capabilities and the union of their creative minds is a musical hybrid of traditional Hellenic folk and contemporary sounds that’s been blowing  into all corners of the Universe and is forever staying relevant and young this way.

Ouzo-up, we urge you, because these guys are definetely going to get your goat.

el Lokal