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Be ready for a wild ride
Monday, 17.11.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Steve Gunn (USA)
What’s in a name? You’ll find out the minute this guy with his soulful, dreamy eyes points his guitar like a loaded gun right at you.

That’s what our friends in Bad Bonn, with some poetic liberty, wrote: «Steve Gunn, that holy barrel of a cannon - when this hippiesque folker props his guitar at you like a gun and fakes to pull the trigger he’s so fast, he’s outpacing his own shadow.» (Yeah, and sombreros off to Karl May.)

This blessed songwriter and foremost guitarist is originally from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Brooklyn (who doesn’t?). Earlier on he worked with Kurt Vile & The Violators and he was lending his virtuosity to Michael Chapman as well. His current solo masterpiece is «Way Out Weather», and listening to it you’ll recognise the essence and experience he’s gathered and which is now the driving force in his art.

Steve Gunn’s in the tradition of great American musicians where vast expanses and harsh but gorgeous nature inspire an epic, cinematic feeling into their music. His guitar playing is like getting on a motorbike with him and hitting the open road, and you better be ready for a wild ride. The songs can be dreamy and melancholic but can burst into wild and crazy excursions that are explosive enough to feel like a gun’s gone off right in front of your face.

«Gunn’s virtuosic guitar work is still the main attraction, but his backing band of session players gives the song a Rolling Stones-circa-Exile on Main Street vibe. The sick instrumental jam that unfolds after about two and half minutes is simultaneously earthy and epic.» - NPR Music

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