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jolly good fellows
Saturday, 08.11.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Jolly & The Flytrap (CH)
Picture a windswept, rainy and foggy mountain side of nothing but gray rocks and gravel way above the tree line. But now if you look closer, what you’d make out is a brightly colored flower almost by itself, a little ruffled by stiff winds, but standing tall.

Now wipe away that tear. Because that almost solitary flower of the somewhat dry and barren Swiss Pop Music scene has just announced on they’re descending from the mountains once again for an extended tour this fall.

Jolly & The Flytrap call themselves “musical entertainers” and have been at it since 1986 as their funky website says, when they started to reel off their unique saga at the Kino Engelberg which in turn led to over, mostly memorable, 300 concerts ever since, including a few here and at the prehistoric el Internacional.

Their songs are about ducks that have found less than happy endings, admonishing church towers and all kinds of wind currents, like the cool North-South or the hot one between Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Musically, their proficiency is expressed through something in the vicinity of universal folk  or Swiss mountain polka, otherwise known locally also as huddygaga mountainpeak dance swing. 

Make sure when you get here, jolly good fellows with your lovely sidekicks, to put clarity into your vision with a hefty doubleshot of Swiss schnapps. Because Jolly & The Flytrap for sure will steam up the stage of our Hall of Fame of Underdog Music.

el Lokal