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A highly explosive mix
Monday, 03.11.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Growlers
+ Klaus Johann Grobe (USA/CH)
Any musicians who’re claiming it’s their music that’s really truly original is either full of it or out of it. Or maybe simply with it. Here’s a scribe who’s ending that discussion and metaphorically and pointedly writes about tonite’s band: «They’re simply a stroke of luck» (Eric Pfeil - Rolling Stone, FAZ).

The Growlers first album was 2009’s «Are You in or Out» and their 5th and latest is «Chinese Fountain» (2014) which was advertised to be «more grown up, well polished». It miserably failed on both counts we say, and we think it’s actually their strongest work to date. They’re the quintessential live band that’s been at it for a long, hard slouch, finally getting it, finally finding their truly original groove. «We seem to be finally getting it», emphasizes vocalist Matt Singer who writes their songs together with lead guitarist Matt Taylor. The other growlers are Scott Montoya on drums, Anthony Braun Perry on bass and Kyle Straka on guitar.

And this perhaps might help you get it, too: They’re an explosive mix of beach goth, surf, garage, country, psychedelic, bluesrock and sixties retro, got it? How about Dick Dale surfing a gigantic Doors wave, The Flying Burrito Brothers dancing with The Beach Boys to the grooves of The Black Keys on the shores of our Mississihl? And no, we’re not full of it. Or out of it.

But you, champ? Are you in or are you out?
el Lokal