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One in a million
Monday, 22.09.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
C. Gibbs
with Tobias Preisig
& Phil Hayes (USA)
At one time, he let it rip with Medicine Bag (incidentially, a band that did some of their recording at Gala Studios, Winterthur). But now on his new album «Sleep the Machines», Christian Gibbs goes back to his roots in country, quite literally. In the first song he sings about the backwoods of Connecticut in «CT Backroads».

«I’m a folk singer», he cooly but firmly says. But what permeates his work, previous and now, is with every song he dies a little, with every song he gets back up into your face a little. It’s genetics with this guy, it seems.

With the new wave band Modern English, his guitar lifted «I Melt With You» to a MTV hit. Then came the industrial rock pioneers Foetus and after that, he went on fronting his own punk outfit, Morning Glories. At CBGB’s, the legendary, grungy dive down in the Bowery in New York City, the Ertegun brothers, Ahmed and Nesui, must have been there one night because he was signed by Atlantic Records to a solo deal which produced the massive pop epic «29 over Me» in 1999 and a U.S. tour was attached to start things off. However the bottom line was not ‘impressive’, say, not enough bling for the buck for the suits, and he was canned. Not sufficently «commercial» was the explanation which he could easily take as a compliment as well.

Tonite, Chris will shake things up all on his own but promises he’ll be here with some surprises too, perhaps some colorful and illustrious guests? All happening here in the one and only place by the Mississihl that’s both internationally known and locally respected. Just look out for the mother-in-law of that boa constrictor  that was slithering about outside the door a few weeks ago.

The Country brother of Tom Waits - Rolling Stone

As his lyrics detail surreal and troubled visions, the music wanders amid countryish rock, cracked cabaret oompah and elaborate Beatles-flavored ballads - New York Times

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