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A Magical Mystery Tour & a hard act to follow
Monday, 08.09.2014, 19:19
oh what a night...
+ Scott H. Biram (USA)
Please note: Because the UEFA decided to schedule the Euro2016 quali
game between CH and GB (welcome back, Roy!) disrespectfully right on our Monday music night - in disregard of us booking Woods and Scott H. Biram months before they booked theirs - we want to use this occasion to point out that these two different kinds of entertainment might not be mutually exclusive: They’re both about rhythm and it’s about the hips anyway, right baby?

A band’s name can’t come any more simple than that but here it’s also a precursor for the kind of music this folk rock band from Brooklyn is well known and appreciated for. Their brandnew album is titled straight «With Light & With Love».  Don’t be deceived though by these innocent and simple words, there’s an underlying darkish shaman quality to their work that’s expressed in a blend of spooky folk and lo-fi rock or eery soundscapes with the undercurrent tinkling of a saloon honky tonk piano and you can even hear the soothing intonations of a s  i n g i n g  saw … yup, that’s what it is. It’s like the magical mistery tour revisited and reimagined by this strange and powerful band which features the unmistakable voice of Jeremy Earl as well as the multi- instrumentalist Jarvis Taveniere plus bass player Kevin Morby.

«Into The Woods» was that famous musical by Stephen Sondheim. We’re quite sure that you’ll be into the Woods in our neck of the woods but in a more psychedelic and ecstatic way.

Scott H. Biram
ca. 23:30, after the game

«Nothin’ But Blood» warns the new album by The Dirty Old One Man Band from Austin, Texas, yours truly, Scotty H. Biram. Hell, «H.» could stand for «Heat» or «Hothead» for all we know. This his ninth and new work is a tad more pensive maybe but no less rambunctious than any of the albums in the long line that came before. It’s a disc as fresh and cocky as we’re used to from the man, it’s all or nothing and nothing other than all the way, as always.

His business card still says he’s happy gallivanting through a myriad of styles in pursuit of higher art and your listening pleasure, freely and skillfully hopscotching from genres like blues to hillbilly to country to punk and metal - like Blackflag meets Son House - and allthewhile weaving in his stories. And what stories they are, like the one about beeing run over by an 18-wheeler on 5/11/2003 and apparently left alive to tell us in detail about it. And the one about when he came on stage right after Kris Kristofferson and growled «They said he was a tough act to follow. Same here: I’m a tough act to follow for any motherfucker coming on after me.» 

We’re with you on this one Scott. They’ll all have a hard time following you and deal with the fire and smoke of those afterjets. And we sure as hell write this in nothing but blood.

el Lokal