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The gentle giant with his smile as wide as our island is back!
Monday, 01.09.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Paul Ubana Jones (NZ)
And even if you can hear in his music part Richie Havens, part Andre Segovia, part Ravi Shankar, it’s still all his music. Even more, it’s a sound converted by a musical alchemist with tremendous technical and vocal skills into a sound uniquely all his own.

The silvery wooly-haired singer with the engaging smile and the incredible voice is a songwriter and guitar virtuoso who was born in London to a Nigerian father and a British mother. He was drawn to his alter-ego, the guitar, real early on and he studied it together with the cello later at a London music college. Technical proficiency allowed him to forge his own unique accoustic style and freed him for his trademark enthusiastic live performances.

In the late 70’s he moved his family to the Provence, following a brief stay on our shores. From there he toured Europe extensively, eventually followed by forays into the U.S. and Canada. Then it was packing up and relocating to New Zealand where he still lives with his family. Talking about family: In the world of contemporary rock and pop music it was opening up for Patti Smith and Bob Dylan and he’s also toured with Taj Mahal, Ben Harper, Keb Mo’, Tuck and Patti, Crowded House and Ravi’s daughter, Norah Jones.

It’s been tireless touring for him for over 30 years. Call him the Jimi Hendrix of the accoustic guitar if you like, but listen to his words as well: Social criticsism with a sting – in French, German and English, for all you internationalists out there thirsting for the honesty in them.   

Once again, the gentle giant with his smile as wide as our island is back. It’s gonna be the night of the silvery wool and the golden hands and voice.

el Lokal