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gothic folk noir meets lo-fi glam rock
Sunday, 10.08.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Delaney Davidson &
Band (Pierre Omer, Ben Woolley, Davide Zolli) (NZ/CH/I)
Have you ever asked yourself what the criteria might be for a piece of land to be allowed to call itself an island? If not, or if you’re drawing a blank, here’s the answer anyway: A) it must be surrounded by water all year-round and B) it has to have at least 2 trees on it.

Pheeeew, gosh, we passed this one, what with our little atoll in the Mississihl. Our next guest Delaney Davidson is originally from an island also, but from a patch somewhat larger than ours. DD was born in 1972 and grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, crossed over to Australia and then left for Switzerland, where he hit the scene by manning the drums for our deceased but still much-beloved Dead Brothers, which in turn led to two album releases through Voodoo Rhythm, «Self Decapitation» (2010) and «Bad Luck Man» (2011). Being a multi-instrumentalist to boot, he produced these and several additional solo efforts, then played the trombone, drums and guitar in a staging of The Three Penny Opera in Basel. And after getting a feel for the boards of fame, he went on to bag the lead in the celluloid classic «The Road To Nod».

His music, broadly painted, is country but his style could be called gothic folk noir meets lo-fi glam rock and his current album, this year’s «Swim Down Low», features 10 shiningbright songs borne out of his travels touring the U.S. and Europe and on it, he croons of his encounters with the poison of love, the life of a dog, monstrous sea creatures and perhaps he’s also framing the coming ecological Armageddon. It’s Lou Reed lazily sipping a Campari with a little umbrella in it inside the Doge’s palace in Venice while Noah is loading the ark outside in the canal.

Yes, there’s tremendous honesty and integrity at the core of Delaney Davidson’s work and a generous coating of an elegant darkness is also there and you won’t be able to escape it. Just one more bright reason why you wouldn’t want to miss this guy.
el Lokal